How To Order

  • Below we prepared detailed explanation of online springs purchasing in our store. We hope you will find it useful, helpful and there will be no doubts and obscurity after reading it.

The most important thing, you have to remember about, before you start shopping is to login to our e-shop, if you are existing user, or to open your individual account, if you visit for the first time.

Being not logged in you can only search different types of industrial springs, but you can not add any of them to the shopping basket.

To register as a new user, please click on the “New" button on the very top of the page. If you already have your account, please fill “User name" and “Password" and click the button “Login".

We would like to ensure you, that all your personal data are completely safe and used only to realize the process of springs purchase in our store. Being logged in you can edit your personal data and change them at any time. To do that please click on “Change your data" button.

When you are logged in you can start buying industrial springs in our e-shop. There are following ways of finding the most proper model of spring at :

By clicking on the type of springs you are looking for either in the left-handed menu or on the one of industrial springs pictures available in our store. When you choose the proper type you will be automatically moved to the page with detailed information about this kind of springs. On that page you will find two buttons using for searching. There are “Simple search" and “Advanced search" buttons. The main difference between these two options is the number of parameters you can enter to find the type of springs you look for. Our search system is very modern, unusually simple, intuitive and very efficient. There is also the “Help" option available for both advanced and simple searches. This option will show you in details springs searching process in our catalogue.

By putting the reference number of spring you look for in the “Reference" field, below the left-handed site menu.

When you find the spring you need you have to click on the basket icon to make an order. In the shopping basket you can set the quantity of springs you would like to purchase. Of course, you can remove each item from the basket, change the quantities, you can come back to the further shopping. There is also information about discounts and discounts policy.

We also prepared for you very interesting and unusual option in shopping basket. You can save your current shopping session with all springs you already have chosen and added to the basket. You can come back and finish your purchase at any time in the future. Simply login and go to your basket. Moreover you can have many baskets with different configuration of springs. You can save each basket and come back to it in the future.

Finally if you decide to buy industrial springs from your shopping basket, please just click on “Order!" button.

We did our best to make purchasing in our online store very comfortable, simple and maximally intuitive. In a case of any further doubts related either with technical aspects or process of shopping, please look at "FAQ" or contact with us directly. You will find our contact information at "Contact" .

We wish you good shopping !.

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